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Add the Member logo to your website, business cards, brochures, yard signs and anywhere you want to "Brand" yourself  as a Military Relocation Specialist.  Use it just like you do the Realtor logo and your other designations. Visual "aids"  are more effective in communicating who you are than all the paragraphs of text you can write. All active Members are herein granted license to use our logo as long as the term of the membership remains active.

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 We have established affiliations with companies willing to offer discounts, specials and sales for our Members on the things we all have to spend money on in the real estate profession. Why spend more than you have to? Many of these companies are the best in their industry - we know, we've been doing business with them for years. Now you can get some of the best products and services at the BEST prices.  You will re-coup your membership fee many times over with the savings offered here. 
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When we find a useful site we add it to our Links Page. These are some of the sites we like to check periodically for Military Relocation updates, real estate news  
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and other information to add to our websites or just for general knowledge to keep us up-to-date. 
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Newsletters - are you receiving AND READING yours? Email servers are now putting just about ALL mass mailings in the SPAM or Trash folders, so make sure you check yours before deleting. To prevent that (or any other "real" information from being excluded) just add our two email addresses to your mail list:  info@MilitaryReferrals.com   and   Membership@MilitaryReferrals.com 
Relocation and Referral Tips and Techniques
Learn how to get the most from your Membership along with the basics of developing a successful referral business.
Referral Form 
Member to Member Standard Referral Form  - NEVER, NEVER, NEVER send a referral without a written referral form. We'd all like to think that we can trust each other, but when it comes to $$$ sometimes things get "forgotten". We believe that all our members are totally trustworthy, but even the most honest of of can make mistakes. So it is always better to put it in writing and prevent problems, not cause them. If your company has a preferred Agreement, use that. If not,  you may use our Member to Member Form as long as you are an active Member. You may also use the form as a "model" to develop your own customized form.
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