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Membership Agreement
  By paying your membership dues for MilitaryReferrals.com you acknowledge receipt of this Agreement 
and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:


Licensure: You are actively licensed as a real estate salesperson/sales associate or broker/broker associate for the state and service areas listed on your profile. You abide by all local, state and national laws and regulations including equal housing opportunities. Noncompliance will result in immediate profile removal and cancelation of Membership and forfeiture of dues.

Profile Updates: The information provided in your profile is true and accurate including designations, areas of expertise, years of experience and contact points. You will update your profile as information changes and maintain a current email address. To make changes go to the Members Only Page and Click the link for the Change Form. We reserve the right to remove any profile and cancel the Membership when information is not kept current for websites, email addresses, designations and brokerage affiliation.

Professional skills: You have access to the MLS for your service areas and maintain professional knowledge of the housing market in those areas. You have online and email skills necessary for communication with customers and clients and referring MilitaryReferrals.com Members. Lack of these professional skills may result in immediate cancelation of Membership and profile removal.

Service: You will provide the highest level of customer service and act in the referred customer/client's best interest in all transactions. You will contact the customer /client within 24 hours of receiving the referral and maintain regular contact with them until closing/settlement. 

Referral Agreement and Fees: Military Referrals DOES NOT participate in referral fees between the sending and receiving Members or referrals from the website of inquiries. All fees are negotiated between the sending and receiving Members and shall be set forth in a written agreement. (You may download a copy of the standard Military Referrals Referral Agreement or use your own). Referral fees shall be paid to the brokerage of the referring Member within 10 days of the closing of the transaction. Appropriate tax forms will be the responsibility of the participating brokerages. MilitaryReferrals.com has no responsibility for collecting or distributing referral fees and will have no liability whatsoever therein. 

Generating referrals: All Members WILL ENDEAVOR TO SEND a minimum of one referral each year to another Member.
Failure to send referrals may result in the Network's refusal to renew your Membership beyond the first year or cancel a Lifetime Membership.  All Members agree to send referrals to another member of MilitaryReferrals.com whenever and as often as possible. Non-military customers and clients are welcome and will receive the same high standards of service.

The receiving Members will maintain communication with the sending Member with updates on the status of the referral including, but not limited to, initial contact, a pending transaction, a listing agreement, the closing/settlement. The sending member will cooperate with the receiving Member as required to assure a successful transaction. 

Membership Dues:
Your Annual Membership Dues are paid once per year during your anniversary month. If you have chosen auto-pay they will be charged to the credit or debit card on record with PayPal on the date you joined.  You may cancel the discounted auto-pay any time after your first renewal. (Two year commitment required) Early cancellation or failure of auto payment will result in Membership cancellation and profile removal unless you upgrade to manual or Lifetime status. If you chose manual pay, dues must be paid by the last day of the month in which you joined or your Membership will become inactive. For Lifetime Memberships all dues were paid upfront and your Membership continues in perpetuity with the exception of violations of the Membership Agreement or retirement from the real estate business. You must maintain up-to-date profile information or notify us in writing ( email) if you retire or no longer want to continue your Membership. The dues cover the cost of posting Member information and providing Support Services and are not refundable once the profile has been posted.

We reserve the right to modify this Agreement at any time necessary to maintain the integrity of the website and organization.
You may print a copy of this Agreement for your records
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For additional information email us at:  info@MilitaryReferrals.com

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